Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WHITE Columbia Beret

This pattern is very easy and cute. Mai's friend asked me to make a hat like this. I was so amazed when I finished the hat because it really looks great.
This is me wearing the beret.




= Worsted weight yarn (I used blue Monaco yarn and red Costurte glittered yarn)
= 5mm knitting needles
= size 5 crochet hook
= any hair clip (I bought them in Divisoria)
=Instant Glue
=tapestry needles (optional)

GAUGE: not needed for this pattern


            Cast on 11 stitches
            Working on seed stitch
Round 1: K1 P1 around
Round 2: P1 K1 around
            Continue until you reach 4” inches then bind off.

          Using crochet hook, chain 8” then bind off (I used it on the red ribbon)
            You can also used a yarn and Wrap it around the center of the bow (I used this on the blue ribbon).

            Get the hair clip and the glue. Put glue on the top of the clip and then follow the finish ribbon and wait it until it dries.
            Enjoy your Project!!!!

            You can use this as a gift or souvenir.


Zhyreene Mae Araña
Currently 3rd year in college.
19 years old
Makati, Philippines 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

2nd Meret

I'm quite addicted to this pattern so I made another one. Now it's blue and I really love it. This pattern is one of my favorite because it is so girly and fashionable. I'm going to make another one of this pattern soon.

 It is so adorable and nice

gray meret

I saw this pattern on Ravelry by Wolly wormhead. I really like the pattern so I decided to make one. It's easy and pretty.