Friday, September 27, 2013

A Leopard Chic

Hello Everyone! Today I'm wearing a Leopard print mini dress that I bought in one of the mall in the Philippines. It's unbranded but I do like its design. I matched it with my rainbow stripe leggings and my cowgirl boots. It's cool and cute and thanks for my photographer no other than my talented Mom who also did my hair.

The Leopard Bag is owned by my Mom..I just Borrowed it..:-)

 A big thanks to Mindy of Cute Girl Hairstyles for the tutorial that she made on youtube.

Video Tutorial by Mindy

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Vintage Walk

I entitled this post " A Vintage Walk" because the pictures was taken during our afternoon walk going to the grocery and the pictures was edited and I put vintage effects using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Enjoy the picture coz' I enjoyed it too...:-)
Shirt was from Bunaken ( a tourist spot here in North Sulawesi)
Beanie crocheted by me

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pinky Pinky

Hello Everyone,
Today is my pink day. I really love the outcome of my outfit for today. 
Thanks to my Mom for lending me her pink cardigan and black stockings
 Me posing outside our house.

Hope You like it..:-)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Purple Girl

I went to the mall today and I want to share my outfit to all and also the hair style. I am the luckiest person to have a talented Mom because she styled my hair. I love my hair because it's super curly and most of the girls in the city looked at it.
My outfit is just simple and I didn't spend a lot of efforts in it. I just grabbed it from the cabinet.
A simple long shirt and stockings and a sneakers and a little black backpack which is given to me by my brother.

 The long braided hair is just an extension that I bought on Broadway Gems in Manila, Philippines

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tomohon Traditional Market

Currently, I'm in Manado City, Indonesia with my parents. Yesterday, we went to Tomohon City and visited the famous Traditional Market which sells food that were exotic. I was shocked when I saw the dead animals that are for sale in there. I love dogs and it broke my heart when I saw them suffering.

Here are the pictures of my visit:

A python. They sell it for about 50,00IDR or 250php per kilo
Me posing with the dead python. I'm a bit scared of them.
A Rat-on-Stick they are ready to eat but I just took a picture with them.
Papa picture with the Rat-on-stick.

Me holding the half cooked monkey. It's a bit awkward. 

Mother and Bany Monkey..They're half coooked

Half cooked dogs at my back.
 They are killing the dogs.

 People's favorite
 Citrus fruit
 Dried little fishes.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Puffilicious Beret

A Pufilicious Beret is one of my designs and I am really happy that it turned out amazing. Here is the detailed pattern.

Yarn: Monaco Acrylic Fingering in Gray, hot pink, pink and white
Size G crochet hook
Tapestry needle
Measuring tape

C- Chain
YO: yarn over
SC- single crochet
PS- Puff stitch

C 10
Round 1: SC in 2nd C from hook and each C across and C1 and turn
Round 2: SC in back loops only of first SC and in each SC across
Repeat Row 2 until you reach 22 inches

Puff stitch: Yarn over, insert the hook in specified stitch, yarn over again and draw a loop through (three loops on hook).
Round 1: using magic circle C2 make a PS C1 6X join and C 1
Round 2: PS C1 2X on each chain, join and C1 (12 PS)
Round 3: PS C1 make two PS C1 every 2nd chain, join and C1 (24 PS)
Round 4: PS C1 make Two PS C1 every 3rd chain, join and C1 (30 PS)
Round 5: PS C1 make two PS C1 every 4th chain, join and C1 (36 PS)
Round 6: PS C1 make two PS C1 every 5th chain, join and C1 (42 PS)
Round 7: PS C1 make two PS C1 every 6th chain, join and C1 (48 PS)
Round 8: PS C1 in every chain, join and C1 (48 PS)
Repeat Round 8 three more times. (You can change your yarn color if you desire after round 8)
Bind off

C 20
DC on the third chain and turn
DC on each chain
Repeat for 6 times and bind off.
Using tapestry needle form the ribbon and put a big botton on the center of the ribbon.

Using tapestry needle, sew the brim to the body from the back.
Do not join the brim, instead get a buttons or ribbon and sew it there.

NOTE: You can sell products out of this pattern but you should give credit to the designer.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Crochet Cover up

So this is what the results of my experiments the other day a cover up and a cute necklace. I was thinking about a cute, colorful and attractive garment that is crocheted with also a matching accessory in it. 

Here is the results of my photo shoot with my brother's Gf. ( she's the one taking the photos)

 A Picture taken outside the room.

I'm so happy about the result and I'm planning to make another cover up in other colors.