Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tomohon Traditional Market

Currently, I'm in Manado City, Indonesia with my parents. Yesterday, we went to Tomohon City and visited the famous Traditional Market which sells food that were exotic. I was shocked when I saw the dead animals that are for sale in there. I love dogs and it broke my heart when I saw them suffering.

Here are the pictures of my visit:

A python. They sell it for about 50,00IDR or 250php per kilo
Me posing with the dead python. I'm a bit scared of them.
A Rat-on-Stick they are ready to eat but I just took a picture with them.
Papa picture with the Rat-on-stick.

Me holding the half cooked monkey. It's a bit awkward. 

Mother and Bany Monkey..They're half coooked

Half cooked dogs at my back.
 They are killing the dogs.

 People's favorite
 Citrus fruit
 Dried little fishes.


  1. Seriously? O.o those monkeys, dogs and snakes -_-

  2. OMG!!! It was so cruel.....

  3. You in philippines give birth like animals - no birth control, live like animals and eat like animals - no health control, look at that conditions how can you eat something that was killed in that conditions with no control? you are scum! why don't you eat your own children?... you have nothing in your head, my chicken deserve more to live than you and your dickhead father together. Don't ever come to europe please, you are just too nasty to come here, ok? And honestly, no one in the world wants muslim chinos nearby, you want nothing but your one good. You just see your self bellies and nothing else matters, you bring no good or do anything good for others or the community, so why do you live? why don't you eat each others so all would be finished? thanks

    1. oh that was bad...it's not in the Philippines you know. You are just judgmental to us Asians. We are not animals, I don't understand why you're so racist. Come in my country and we will eat you.

  4. Thats really discusting, poor animals :-(

    1. *disgusting* and the man with the dog, will kill him with the haunch. Pytons and monkeys are enddangerged species from many animals. Thats very sad. I would never visit those markets, i would cry.