Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Birthday Girl

So, today is a very special day since it's my birthday. my parents just leave the country yesterday January 26 and it's awful celebrating without them. Thanks for my friends who's with me on my day and it felts so nice together with them. it's not so big deal anymore being alone here on my day but instead it's a great blessing having people who loves you.

A friend brought me to a restaurant here in Makati and it's awesome. It's a Japanese Restaurant and the name of it is Ramen Nagi and here's their Facebook page for more menu HERE.

They called this Ramen "Butao" and according to the waiter it's the best seller but for my taste buds the "green King" is the best since it has a pesto Italian Pasta flavor and I love it. It composed of Basil, Cheese, Tonkotsu and it cost 410PHP.
Oiginal King Butao is composed of: Fire Sauce, Seabura, Tonkotsu and it cost 390PHP.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Church Day

Dress: H2O
Accessories: Necklace by FAD
Shoes: Barbie by Shubizz

It's been a while since I'm not here. Been busy in school these past two months but now here I am again. So, today is Sunday and as usual it's Church time. This dress I'm wearing was a advance gift from my Mom for my birthday this Tuesday (January 27). Wow I'm turning 23 and I'm not ready yet to face the fact that I'm getting old. I wish I could be 20 years old forever ahaha I'm being paranoid now. This is all for today gotta do some homework haha College life is really difficult aha.

BTW I heard nice preaching in the Church today It's from James 1:19-27 and it's about "The Blessing of God's Word" really nice message.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All in One

So today I'm gonna show you all my random shots for this month of January. Since, I'm kinda busy at school I compile all of this pictures in one post to summarize it I think. I hope this isn't so complicated since I cannot explain these all or put any captions in it but I'm trying my best to cope up with everything.

So here we go my first picture:
I went to Tagaytay with some of my friends in school.
I made this hat last year and it's awesome to wear it during cold and windy weather.

This was taken during my violin class. I remember playing the violin when I'm 16 and sad to say I stop for I think 6 years now and I remained in a beginner level.
My older brother is my teacher though and he's so good in it.