About Me

My name is Zhyreene Mae Leving Araña, I am 22 years old. My family pronounce my name as (shy) but my friends mostly my school buddies they call me (Zai). I am currently in College taking up Education major in English and doesn't mean I'm good at English. I'm still learning a lot even English was already taught in school since kindergarten.😊😊😊

This Blog started last 2011 for my knitting and crochet projects but I realize that I will not just post my knitting and crochet coz' I have a lots of activities happening in my life. I love arts like drawing, painting, poster making, anime, etc. I love music, I really love to sing and also I can play a bit of piano and violin but I need more practice coz' sometimes I forgot my notes and it's hard to eead 'em.😓

I really want to become a fashion designer and that is my dream since I was in high school. My Father wants me to become a teacher that is why I enrolled in an Education course but that's not mean that I am not happy. My Dad is very supportive and also my Mom, they love all my creations and kept on encouraging me. They also allowed me to take up Fashion Styling last summer, it's a three weeks course but I enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. They promised me that if I will finish my Education course they will send me to a Fashion school that's sounds great and I am so happy with it.

This blog is all about my hobbies and interest and I want to share it to other people around the globe. I want to be discovered so that people will see my talents and somehow learn from it.

Thank you to all my readers and please help support this Blog by following.

With so much love,
Zhy <3


  1. Hehehe Not a fashion designer maybe model. hehe you are good in modeling eh.