Friday, July 27, 2012

Strawberry Booties


A hat that suitable in all seasons and for bad hair days but you will remain stylish. This fashionable and cool hat together with its detachable flower design is perfect for every lady who wants to be unique in her fashion. Using seed stitch, k2p2 rib and stockinet stitch this hat look great and girlie. So, pick up your yarn and needles and start a project! Enjoy and have a good time!!!
Yarn: Any DK yarns
4 mm 16” circular needle
4 mm double pointed needles
4 mm straight needles
Tapestry needle
Hair clip
Glue gun

K- Knit
P- Purl
K2tog- knit two stitches together
K3tog- Knit 3 stitches together
P2tog- purl 2 stitches together


Cast on 130 stitches using circular
needles (join round be careful not to
Round 1-4: work on seed stitch
Round 5: k1, p1 (5x), k3tog continue till
the end (110 stitches remaining)
Round 6-10: work seed stitch
Round 11: k1, p1 (4x), k3tog continue till
the end (90 stitches remaining)
Round 12-16- work seed stitch

Round 17: K2, p2 (3x), knit to the end
Continue until you reach 6 inches

Change to double pointed needles as the
number of stitches decrease to the point
where it becomes uncomfortable to knit
with your circular needle.
Round 1: K2, p2 (3x), k18, k2tog
Round 2: K2, p2 (3x), k17, k2tog
Round 3: K2, p2 (3x), k16, k2tog
Round 5: K2, p2 (3x), k15, k2tog
Round 6: K2, p2 (3x), k14, k2tog
Round 7: K2, p2 (3x), k13, k2tog
Round 8: K2, p2 (3x), k12, k2tog
Round 9: K2, p2tog (3x), k11, k2tog
Round 10: K2, p1 (3x), k10, k2tog
Round 11: K2, p1 (3x), k9, k2tog
Round 12: K2, p1 (3x), k8, k2tog
Round 13: K2, p1 (3x), k7, k2tog
Round14: K2tog, p1 (3x), k6, k2tog
Round 15: K1, p1 (3x), k5, k2tog
Round 16: K1, p1 (3x), k4, k2tog
Round 17: K1, p1 (3x), k3, k2tog
Round 18: K1, p1 (3x), K2, k2tog
Round 19: K2tog (3x), k1, k2tog
Round 20: k2tog

When 6 stitches remain, break yarn,
leaving 6” of a tail of yarn to use to
thread through remaining stitches, &
draw tightly to secure. Flip the other side
of the hat’s brim and stitch it.