Friday, August 23, 2013

Slouchy Zhy Beanie

    by: Zhyreene Mae Araña

After weeks of crocheting here are my finished products from the pattern I wrote myself. I want my hat to be in all colors and as of now I already have nine hats.

Here are the pictures of my hats and also the pattern.

Glittery Orange

Medium Violet Red


Glittery Yellow

Glittery Green

Hot Red


Dk Yarn ( I used Knit n' Needle yarn in hot red)
G size Hook
Tapestry Needle

C- chain
HDC- half double crochet
DC- double crochet
SP- space

C 3 join in round C1
Work 2DC C1 6 times, join and C1 (6 set of DC)
Round 1: 2DC C1 2x in each SP join and C1 (12 set of DC)
Round 2: (2DC C1, 2DC C1 2x, 2DC C1...) join and C1 (18 set of DC)
Round 3: (2DC C1, 2DC C1, 2DC C1 2x, 2DC C1, 2DC C1....) join and C1 (24 set of DC)
Round 4: (2DC C1, 2DC C1, 2DC C1, 2DC C1 2x....) join and C1 ( 30 set of DC)
Round 5: 2DC C1 in each SP this will be the starting of the body of the hat.
Repeat Round 5 nine times.

Crochet Rib
Chain 10 and turn
Work HDC on the third chain from the last chain (it will count 8 HDC) chain 1 and turn
instead of inserting the hook in the regular loop, work the HDC in the back of the loop.
Continue this until you reach 20 inches 
Cut yarn and secure

Using tapestry needle attach the brim to the body of the hat. Sew it and then you're finish.

I'm allowing everyone to sell products out of this pattern. So what are you waiting for, grab your crochet hook and a ball of yarn and then start your project.

Enjoy your hat!

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