Monday, August 26, 2013

Puffilicious Bangles

This is only an experiment that turned into cute accessories. I was thinking about what should I do with my left-over yarns and here is my Bangles with the crochet puff stitch that is why I called it Puffilicious Bangles.
It has a detailed instructions inside with pictures.

Level: easy
Yarns ( I used left-over yarns from my previous projects)
Size G crochet hook

C- chain
SC- single crochet
YO- yarn over

STEP 1: C 35 and join in round

 STEP 2: SC on each chain
STEP 3: Work on Puff stitch 
Yarn over, insert the hook in specified stitch, yarn over again and draw a loop through (three loops on hook).
After you finish a one puff stitch work the next puff stitch on a next stitch. Slip one stitch for you to have a space.
STEP 4: SC1x SC2x on each stitches between two puff stitches for one round

And now you finish. Enjoy your fashionable bangles from your left-over yarns.
You can create as many as you can and I am allowing everyone to sell products out of this pattern as long as you mention where the pattern came from.
Enjoy and Happy Crocheting!!!

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