Friday, October 4, 2013

Jalan Jalan di Bitung

Bitung is a city on the northern coast of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It is in the province of North Sulawesi, and faces Lembeh Island. 
Since we live in Manado City, it's a 1 hour drive going to the City of Bitung.
We went there to visit the Filipino fishermen. 

Papa together with some locals.
me posing with one of the boat there.

These are some Filipinos there. They gonna sail in the morning and stay in the sea for 20 days or more. If they can't catch tuna fish they won't be paid.

some of the fishing boats.

me and Mama

After that we went to the main road to wait for an Angkot ( a public transportation).
While we are waiting I took pictures with some of the street vendors.
Bakso or baso is Indonesian meatball or meat paste made from beef surimi and is similar in texture to the Chinese beef ballfish ball, or pork ball.

An Angkot


  1. Its more fun in the Philippines. hehe Go home na dito .. hehe

    1. Yes nothing is more fun than Philippines...I love Philippines