Sunday, January 19, 2014

Amigurumi Owl and Sheep

After days of having heavy rain, no internet connection and no television I came up with the idea to made my days productive and somehow to enjoy myself of being so bored. So I grabbed some yarns and my crochet hook on my big bag that is full of yarns. I looked for some ideas and inspirations on books, movies and magazines but later I realized that I've got this huge collection of stuffed animals from Timezone ( a gaming place at the mall) they we're prizes exchanged from tickets that my Dad won on the shooting game. There, I got my idea to made my own stuffed animals so I came up with an Amigurumi Owl and Sheep.

Speaking of Amigurumi. It's a Japanese term. Ami means crocheted or knitted and nuigurumi means stuffed doll or animal.

I don't have idea for their names yet.

Ami Owl

Ami Sheep

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