Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wedding of the Year

After months of being busy, here I am again. It was an amazing day to witnessed my friend's wedding. It was a long wait for us fellow friends. We're so excited about it and being a bridesmaid to our Ate Kimmie. To be honest, it's my first time to be a bridesmaid to a friend's wedding. I'd experienced being one to a family member. This one was the most exciting.

So, we're all invited and part of this special event. Dad and Mom were both sponsors (Ninong and Ninang). My brother's a member of the wedding musical group.

Together with my fellow bridesmaids and best of friends. Oh, forgot to say that Ate Kimmie's the first girlfriend to get married. We're all looking forward to the next bride to be (me!  me! me! kidding). I don't really know who will be the next bride. Got so excited thinking about it.

This post won't be complete without a selfie with the lovely bride. Ate Kimmie is really pretty, lovely and so in love.

Perfect Makeup!!!

Who will be the next bride?

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